CHA Systems

Whether your needs are for new or remanufactured systems, sputtering or evaporation systems, or coater systems, you can rely on CHA Industries to deliver the highest levels of productivity and throughput.

Evaporation and Sputtering Systems

  • Criterion
    Offers midrange sizing incorporating both Load Lock and Source Isolation options.
  • Mark 50
    Features 32 x 32-inch water-cooled cylindrical chamber, fast and easy loading/unloading.
  • Mark 40
    Provides efficiency and accommodates a wide variety of deposition equipment.
  • Resolution
    Innovative chamber/ frame includes 2-position mounting for standard/low profile configurations.
  • Solution
    Compact, high performance for small lot processing at universities, R&D labs, etc.
  • SEC-600 and SE-600
    Accommodates up to 15 feedthroughs.
  • SEC-1000 and SE-1000
    Equipped with a 25.5-inch diameter, water-cooled bell jar.
  • SSC-1000
    Incorporates upper and lower base plates for sputter up or sputter down operation.

Coater Systems

  • Web/Roll
    Coats mylar, foil, flexible circuits and other thin plastic or metallic materials.

Remanufactured Systems

  • No one knows CHA equipment like CHA. When you acquire a CHA-remanufactured system, you know that the company that originally built it is going to remanufacture it to the highest level of performance --with no compromise on quality.

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