• CHA's Mark series are the industry standard for high vacuum deposition systems.
  • CHA's Resolution is the industry standard for sputtering and evaporation systems.
  • A distinct breakthrough in flexibility and efficiency for vacuum deposition systems.
  • CHA's Criterion System targets Pilot Line/University style systems with Load Lock/Isolated Source capabilities.
  • CHA's Solution System is a high performance Process Development System.
  • CHA's High-Multiprocess, High-Production Line of Web/Roll Coaters.
  • Special Systems: Made to customers' specific requirements.

Electron Beam


Ion Milling


Industries Served
Electron Beam
Solar Cells
Flexible Circuits
Flat Panel
Fuel Cells
Medical Sensors
Laser Diodes
...and many more


Targeting R+D, Pilot Line Production and university requirements, the new Criterion system offers midrange sizing incorporating both load lock and source isolation options. The Criterion Systems feature a hinged, water-cooled front door and a new frame design. The new chamber design will accommodate many tooling configurations and a variety of deposition sources and combinations of sources. Control is achieved via a touch screen PC/PLC.

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Mark 50®

CHA Mark 50 Systems have become the industry standard for high vacuum deposition systems. Simplicity in design, ease of operation and unmatched reliability make the Mark 50 an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. The Mark 50's horizontal 32" by 32" water-cooled cylindrical chamber simplifies loading and unloading. The unique slide down front door minimizes floor space requirements and a rear door offers easy chamber access from behind for convenient through the wall mounting. Secs/Gem and CE compliant.

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Web/Roll Coaters

CHA's multi-process high vacuum Web/Roll Coating system is designed to coat Mylar, foil, flexible circuits and other thin plastic or metallic materials stored in continuous roll form. Typical process stations within the high vacuum chamber can include sputtering cathodes, electron beam guns, thermal sources, substrate heat, ion beam sources and Plasma Process Bar.

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CHA's new SOLUTION™ Process Development System is a high performance, compact 48.15"D x 46"W x 78.68"H vacuum deposition system for small lot processing at universities, R&D labs, etc. For the Solution, CHA provides a variety of high quality tooling, such as lift-off dome, planetary, variable-angle and others; as well as a wide range of source choices, including swing and resistance.

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Custom Systems

Besides offering standard high vacuum semiconductor and aerospace related tools, CHA has an extensive history of supplying custom systems for various specialized applications. CHA has developed vacuum systems with chambers as large as 8 feet in diameter by 10 feet long. Whether your needs are for space simulation or large scale coating requirements, CHA custom systems can meet your specifications with a pre-existing or a ground-up design.

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