Parts and Components

Whether your needs are for new or remanufactured systems, sputtering or evaporation systems, or coater systems, you can rely on CHA Industries to deliver the highest levels of productivity and throughput.


  • Planetary
    Adjustable Angle, 3-Dome, and Flat Plate designs available for excellent uniformity.

  • Lift-off
    Carousel model handles small substrates while the Suspended handles larger substrates.

  • Flip
    For applications requiring coating of more than a single side or surface of substrates.


  • Electron Beam Guns
    CHA’s SmartSource raises PVD performance and operator convenience.

  • Thermal Sources
    Choose between Fixed Resistance, Swing and Outrigger sources for your specific needs.

  • Source Combinations
    Combines Swing Source and SmartSource for university, R&D and multilayer film processing.

  • Wire Fed Sources
    Designed for flash evaporation of alloys and deposition of pure metals.

Power Supplies

  • Resistance Power
    Available with 2000 Watt and 5000 Watt outputs for single or dual thermal deposition sources.

  • Heater Power
    Provides up to 16kW of SCR controlled power for heat sources like quartz lamps.

  • SR-Series Electron
    Provides maximum, reliable power output ranging from 3kW to 15kW.


  • Electrical
    Ideal for wide range of current transmission for power supplies, heater power and sources.

  • Instrumentation
    Designed for instrument readout and easy installation.

  • Fluid
    Allow fluid passage through the body to protect against freezing and boil-off.

  • Miscellaneous
    Available as a bank-off plug, for tubulation, or for optical transmission and measurements.

  • Motion
    Provides rotary and/or linear motion within the vacuum chamber.

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