CHA SEC-600/SE-600.

High Vacuum Deposition Systems

In all SE/SEC-Series systems, the baseplate (typically 20 inches) accommodates up to 15 feedthroughs for instrumentation, control and rotary motion. SE/SEC-600 systems are most often equipped with a 19.5" diameter bell jar and Planetary Fixturing having a capacity of 18 4" wafers. The average pumpdown time of less than 30 minutes allows throughput in excess of 54 wafers per hour.

Ultimate vacuum: 10 -8 torr range

  • Cryogenic pump: 8"
  • Mechanical pump: 23-57 CFM, dual stage
  • Cold trap: 2.5 liter capacity, 200 sq. inches of surface area, 10 hours holding time
  • Water baffle: Optically dense, chevron baffle
  • High vacuum valve: 7-3/4" I.D., seals vertically
  • Foreline/Roughing valves: 3" I.D.
  • Valve actuation: Electro-pneumatic (all vacuum valves)
  • Valve sequencing: Manual and automatic (Auto-Tech II)
  • Ionization gauge control: Dual ionization gauge tube, auto ranging with dual convectron positions.
  • Dimensions: 79"H x 43"W x 37"D
  • Weight: 1,200 pounds
  • Utilities
    • Electrical: 208/10/70A/4-wire connection with ground (3 phase, 5-wire also available)
    • Water: 10 GPM (minimum)
    • Air: 90-110 PSIG

  • Options:
    • Diffusion pump: 2400 liter/second, 6" normal
    • Process chamber: 19.5" diameter x 30" H, ambient or water-cooled (larger bell jars available)
    • Fixturing: Variety of fixturing options: planetary, clamshell, or custom.
    • Baseplate: 20" or 26" diameter, 7-3/4" pumping port
    • Substrate heat:2-10 kW
    • Sources: Any commercially available source, including single and multiple beam, CHA's resistance and sputtering sources.
    • Hoists: Motorized hoist assembly, 1/4HP motor
    • LN2 Level Control: Automatically maintains liquid level in cryogenic trap.
    • Sieve trap: Molecular sieve trap prevents migration or backstreaming of mechanical pump oil into the system.
    • RGA port: 2.75 O.D. flange located in base plate of system provides integration of a residual gas analyzer.
    • Automatic deposition control: Process controller provides fully automatic deposition sequence.
    • Automatic gun rotation control: Positions the crucibles of a turret-type electron beam source.
    • Shutter/shutter control: Different design shutters can be incorporated depending on source configuration and number.

For more details, download the Click to download this information in PDF format. CHA Bell Jar Systems Brochure PDF (2.4MB).