CHA high vacuum feedthroughs are ideal for electrical, instrumentation, fluid, motion and other such applications. Designed so that clean surfaces are on the vacuum side, these feedthroughs are installed from the vacuum side so that the body of the feedthrough is in the vacuum work area, resulting in greater convenience in making set-up changes.


  • FT58-001/FT58-002
    Two versions, with and without water cooling, are for high current transmission and are normally used with a standard resistance power supply. The body is aluminum.
    • High current, low voltage
    • Maximum voltage 100V
    • Maximum amperes 500
  • FT58-003
    FT58-003 has a wide range of usage for medium current and semi-high voltage applications. The feedthrough is to be mounted with the ceramic surface of the insulator on the vacuum side of the chamber. By not presenting the interior of the insulator to vacuum, a source of gas entrapment is eliminated. The feedthrough may be used for heater power or AC or DC glow discharge.
    • Multipurpose
    • Maximum voltage 6000V
    • Maximum amperes 35
  • FT58-009
    The high power capacity of this feedthrough is designed for use with electron beam sources. It has built-in, top and side deposition shields. It features an oversize conductor which minimizes failure at the threads, a common problem in feedthroughs for EB applications.
    • High current, high voltage
    • Maximum voltage 12 KV
    • Maximum amperes 100


  • FT58-008
    This 8-pin feedthrough features greater ease of access to the pins and removable sockets at each end. The plugs are keyed for positive pin location. Primary use is instrument read-out.
    • Instrumentation
  • FT58-036
    Combination feedthrough for coaxial electrical connection and dual pass fluid service to deposition monitor head.
    • Instrument service
  • FT58-039
    This Combination feedthrough has two coaxial electrical connections and three fluid service for 1/8" diameter tubing. This feedthrough is ideal for installation of Inficon's dual sensor monitor head with shutter.
    • Instrument service for dual deposition monitors


  • FT58-030
    FT58-030 has a vacuum guard providing low thermal conductance which protects the O-ring from freezing and minimizes Ln2 boil-off.
    • Cryogenic fluid
  • FT58-032
    The body is type 304 SS. The unit is mounted in the vacuum chamber and tubing is connected directly to the unit. The base assembly is designed for quick removal. It accepts any standard 1/4" NPT fitting and may be permanently connected to service lines.
    • Dual pass: water or other fluid; for 1/4" O.D. tubings
  • FT58-037/FT58-038
    These feedthroughs are similar to FT58-032 except that they have an elliptical fluid passage through the body of the feedthrough. This provides the greater coolant flow needed for certain requirements, such as electron beam guns. The body is nickel plated brass with tubing ports unplated to facilitate silver soldering. The base assembly is designed for quick removal. It accepts any standard 3/8" NPT fitting and may be permanently connected to service lines.
    • Dual pass: water or other fluid
    • FT58-037 for 3/8 O.D. tubing, FT58-038 for 1/2 O.D. tubing


  • FT58-041
    The FT58-041 is used to seal 1" diameter feedthrough posts not in use. Made of machined aluminum.
    • Blank-off plug
  • FT58-042
    FT58-042 is for ion gauge or other 3/4" tubulation. It is commonly used for mounting the ion gauge, such as the CHA IG-100 series, for pressure measurements within the chamber. Other sizes available on special request. Body is stainless steel.
    • 3/8" rotary
  • FT58-043
    FT58-043 is for optical transmission and measurements within the chamber O-ring mounting of the sight port permits use, or interchange, of different types of window material. The standard unit is supplied with an optically flat Pyrex window.
    • Sight port


  • FT58-021
    FT58-021 provides rotary motion within the vacuum chamber. Unlike many bellows sealed feedthroughs which present internal surfaces to vacuum, this unit is fully vented and is easily cleaned and pumped because only the external surface of the bellows is exposed to vacuum. FT58-021 has a standard 1/4" shaft which, with drive options, makes it a useful tool for many applications such as shutter operation.
    • Bellows sealed rotary
  • FT58-023
    FT58-023 provides both rotation and linear motion in the chamber. The unit has a differentially pumped O-ring seal.
    • Push-pull rotary
  • FT58-025
    The feedthrough has a differentially pumped O-ring seal on the solid 3/8" stainless steel shaft. It is particularly suited for applications where low R.P.M. and high torque and required.
    • 3/8" rotary
  • FT58-026
    Similar to FT58-025 with an internal ball bearing mounted, right angle drive.
    • 3/8" right angle rotary

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